The band playing a round of Jenga while reacting to some Singaporean music!


The band shot "Roots" video in New-Zealand! Here's a first picture of the video which is coming very soon!


Our dragons had the chance to meet their doppelganger! Hard to say who is who!

Sans titre 40



The band landed in Seoul! The Asian tour starts today! 

Taller than Dan!

Dan met taller than him!! Here's a picture of him and basket player Chris Bosh!


A few days ago, Daniel got his first tattoo!

Sunset Sons

Want to know more about the band opening for ID this fall in EU? Watch Sunset Sons explains how they met in France and how they managed to tour with Imagine Dragons! (Thanks ID Daily for finding this video!!)

Shots (Broiler Remix) - Imagine Dragons ft. Broiler

If this new video doesn't make you cry because you're laughing WAY too much, then you have a problem!!!

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